The sparkle and shimmer of these amazing Glitter Tattoos, truly compliments and enhances the festive vibe of any celebration, party and event. GLIMMER makes this the hottest craze in the entertainment industry! This activity is designed to appeal to everyone, kids, teens, adults, both male and female alike! Taking only minutes to apply, each fabulous work of art dries immediately and lasts for days! Guests can even jump in the pool right away, since this product is waterproof, yet, every design may be easily removed with alcohol or baby oil. Imagine over fifty fabulous eclectic design options for your guests delight. Once the stencil is selected, talented artists paint on a gentle non-toxic, cosmetic grade latex-free liquid adhesive, made for use on the skin. Then, it is time for the GLIMMER! Over Thirty incredibly fabulous shades of ultra-fine cosmetic glitter and UV glow-in-the-dark shades are the stunning choices available for designing each amazing tattoo. The completed work-of-art produces an extraordinary multi-colored faceted, eye-catching design with crisp, precise edges. Body art may be worn as jewelry or an added glam attraction anywhere on your body.

Glitter Tattoos

$125 Per Hour

  • Lasts 3 days depending on how you care for them

Airbrush Tattoos

$150 Per Hour

  • Lasts 3 days depending on how you care for them